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Enhance your wonderful glamour with IVAN The Hair People. Allow us to unveil “The Perfect Look of Your Life.” Find us at the heart of Orchard.

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Our Values


Exceptional Stylists

At the best hair salon in Singapore, we love to provide excellent service. Our professional and highly trained staff will transform your fashion fairytale into a reality. Let them beautify you!


All-Inclusive Services

At Ivan, your request is our command. We are delighted to shower your hair with all the care it needs. We use prominent quality hair care products while nourishing your beauty with limitless expertise.


Unwind & Relax

Consider you are in seventh heaven! With our otherworldly premium service, we create a de-stressing session filled with relaxation. At our hair salon in Singapore enjoy a splendid time!


Attention to Detail

We pay extra attention to every minor and major detail. Employees of Ivan take pride in their duties, thus they are passionate about working with precision.

Get To Know Us

As your favourite and best hair salon in Singapore, we specialise in curating personalised wonders. Our eager souls carefully focus on dressing you with spellbinding hairstyles. 

We also announce with pride that we have assembled the Avengers in the industry! Our stylists give utmost priority to your satisfaction and gorgeous appearance. They will be your fairy godmothers per day. It’s time for you to be their Cinderella!

We extend our hand and warmly invite you to visit us. So, is your giddy heart ready to enjoy the professionalism, relish the joys of exceptional services and spend a memorably beautifying time?

Our Hair Treatment Services

Whether you are inspired to have a unique haircut, colour marvellous colour treatment or a relaxing hair therapy we got it for you!Wrap up your hunt! We are the No. 1 hair salon in Singapore. Our friendly staff at IVAN, use top-quality tools and products to promote the health and wellbeing of your hair as well as the scalp.As we continue the usage of non-toxic beauty treatments and highly qualified experts, we produce thousands of happy customers! Let us bring a flutter to you and let your hair shine like how they portray in commercials!


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