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Visit Ivan, the hair people, the best salon in Singapore, to experience the ultimate hair transformations. Our hair treatment services are designed to elevate the beauty and health of your hair to new heights. Along with that, we offer a range of customized solutions to cater to your unique demands with a team of qualified specialists.

  • Hair Care Services

    Hair Hydration Treatment

    Welcome to Ivan, the Hair People, where we unveil the secret to luscious locks, the Hair Hydration Treatment! Prepare to embark on a journey of ultimate hair hydration and bid farewell to dry lackluster tresses.

    Key Features:

    1. Deep Hydration: Dive into a world of profound moisture infusion. Our Hair Hydration Treatment goes beyond the surface, quenching your hair’s thirst from within and revitalizing each strand.
    2. Silkiness and Smoothness: Experience the luxurious touch of silkiness as our treatment imparts a smoothness that transforms your hair into a canvas of pure elegance.
    3. Root-to-End Nourishment: Every inch of your hair deserves care. Our treatment ensures nourishment from the roots to the tips, fortifying and rejuvenating your hair for a healthier look and feel.
    4. Replenishes Essential Moisture: Restore your hair’s natural moisture balance with our Hair Hydration Treatment. Say goodbye to dryness and hello to hair that radiates with vitality.
  • Hair Care Services

    Hair Mask Treatment

    Welcome to Ivan, the Hair People, where we unveil the ultimate solution for unruly hair, the Hair Mask Treatment! As our hair treatment for frizzy hair works its magic, leaving you with silky, smooth, and manageable locks, learn to tame frizz and welcome its transformation.

    Key Features:

    1. Deep Moisturization: Feel a burst of moisture beyond anything you’ve ever felt. This Treatment guarantees intense hydration while reviving each hair strand and restoring moisture.
    2. Reduced Fluffiness: Ditch the days of untameable, fluffy hair. Our procedure targets fluffiness and decreases it, leaving your hair noticeably smoother and simpler to handle.
    3. Revitalizing Stiff Hair: This is the solution for hair that lacks flexibility and mobility. Watch as it improves elasticity and gives your hair vitality by revitalizing tight hair.
    4. Customized Solution: Our treatment acknowledges that no two heads of hair are alike. Experience a customized approach to hair care that is designed to meet your specific needs and be as effective as feasible.

    At Ivan, the Hair People, we believe in the power of deep hair nourishment. Beyond the surface, Hair mask treatment delivers intense hydration, restores hair health, and boosts general hair vitality. With our skilfully developed hair mask treatment, enter the world of professional hair care services and find your hair’s real potential. Let each strand’s natural beauty shine through since only the best will do for your hair.

  • Hair Care Services

    Hair Repair Treatment

    Welcome to Ivan, the Hair People, where we present you our hair Repair Treatment—the best treatment available for damaged hair! Get ready to experience a transformational journey as damaged hair is said goodbye and a mane of renewed energy is welcomed.

    Key Features

    1. Intensive Repair: We go beyond quick repairs with our hair Repair Treatment. No corners are cut in its thorough repair, renewal, and restoration of the health of your hair from the inside out.
    2. Future Split-End Defense: We believe in proactive care. Our procedure ensures a longer-lasting restoration by protecting your hair from potential split ends in addition to repairing current damage.
    3. Restorative Ingredient: Our treatment gives your hair the critical nutrients it needs, rejuvenating it and restoring its natural brilliance. It is infused with powerful, restorative elements.
    4. Natural Look and Feel: Enjoy having hair that is healthy, gorgeous, and feels and looks natural. Our Hair Repair Treatment improves the natural beauty of your hair and gives it a silky, manageable texture.

    Ivan, the Hair People, is committed to the craft of hair restoration. This Hair Repair Treatment is more than just a service; it’s a guarantee of toughness, resilience, and a stunning hair makeover. Enter the realm of restorative hair care to give your hair a healthy sheen. Discover the wonder of healed, healthy hair because your hair deserves nothing less.

  • Hair Care Services

    Hair Revive Treatment

    Welcome to Ivan, the Hair People, a haven of regeneration for your hair, where we share the revolutionary hair Revive Treatment. Come into our salon and let us give your hair a new life.

    Key Features:

    1. Balancing and Refreshing: Our hair Revive Treatment is a balancing and refreshing combination that revitalizes your hair and gives your locks a new lease of life.
    2. Strength and Resilience: Experience the strengthening and resilience that is infused into your hair. Each strand is strengthened by our procedure, enhancing tolerance to everyday pressures.
    3. Repair Damaged Hair: Bid farewell to past damage. Our procedure goes deep, giving damaged hair a fresh lease on life while reviving its energy and natural health.
    4. Restores Natural Health: We are firm believers in returning your hair to its original, healthy form. Your hair will be vivid, full of life, and really regenerated after receiving our hair Revive Treatment, which restores and regenerates.

    We at Ivan, the Hair People, are committed to restoring the splendour of your hair. Our hair Revive Treatment promises to give your hair a new beginning and goes beyond simple treatment. Enjoy the wonder of vivid, healthy hair and enjoy the lively, renewed you. Because you exude confidence when your hair feels wonderful.

  • Hair Care Services

    Hair Smoothing Treatment

    Welcome to Ivan, the Hair People, where we offer you the Hair Smoothing Treatment, the pinnacle of luxurious hair care. Come into our salon, and we’ll take you on a journey to revitalized silky-smooth perfection.

    Key Features of Hair Smoothing Treatment.

    1. High Protein and Moisture: Our Hair Smoothing Treatment gives your hair the nutrients it needs and restores its natural vitality since it contains a rich combination of high-quality proteins and moisture.
    2. Instant Detangling: Effortlessly smooth and knot-free locks are the result of fast detangling, which you can experience as our treatment makes its way through your hair.
    3. Silky Smooth Finish: Prepare to be astounded by your hair’s spectacular, silky-smooth finish, which is the result of our treatment. Accept the pleasure of having hair that is easy to comb through.
    4. Customized Approach: We are aware of the individuality of each head of hair. Our treatment is individualized to meet your individual demands, assuring a unique strategy that takes into account the needs of your hair.

    The core belief at Ivan, the Hair People, is that your hair deserves only the best. A service is not all that our Hair Smoothing Treatment is. It’s a guarantee for hair that’s healthier, more vibrant, and effortlessly smooth. It’s time to bid your hair troubles final goodbye and enjoy a fresh, bright self. Enjoy the miracle of wholesome, gorgeous hair at our salon because you deserve it.

  • Hair Care Services

    Japanese Gloss Treatment Singapore

    Ivan, the Hair People, Singapore’s go-to hair salon for upscale hair care, offers the pinnacle of hair luxury with our Japanese Gloss  Treatment.

    Key Features of Japanese Gloss  Treatment.

    1. Frizz Control: As our treatment works its magic, you can wave goodbye to frizzy hair issues and enjoy sleek, silky, and frizz-free locks.
    2. Slight Straightening: Achieve a naturally straightened appearance that brings out the beauty of your hair while adding a touch of class and refinement.
    3. Glossy Shine: With the help of our Japanese Gloss Treatment, your hair has a glossy, delicious appearance that everyone will notice.
    4. Moisture and Oil Balance: We acknowledge how vital it is for your hair to have a healthy balance of moisture and oil. Your hair will remain nourished and healthy thanks to our treatment, which strikes the ideal balance.

    Ivan, the Hair People serves as a haven for luxurious hair treatments in the vivacious city of Singapore, where fashion and excellence are uncompromising requirements. The anti-frizz, gentle straightening, and glossy sheen imparted by our Japanese Gloss Treatment turn your hair into a statement of beauty. Enjoy the knowledge of our qualified specialists as you watch the miracle of your hair’s renewal. You can rely on us to achieve the ideal moisture and oil balance, ensuring that your hair feels and looks its best. Therefore, try this treatment and allow your hair to shine like never before.

  • Hair Care Services

    K Gloss Treatment

    Welcome to Ivan, the Hair People, where we are pleased to introduce you to our revolutionary K Gloss Treatment, a hair care miracle like no other. Explore K Gloss transforming power, a procedure that goes above and beyond to alter your locks and boost your style.

    Key Features of the K Gloss Treatment. 

    1. Frizz Control: Our K Gloss Treatment is made to be your frizz’s worst enemy, so say goodbye to your frizzy hair issues. You get silky, manageable hair that defies humidity and maintains its sleekness after taming unruly strands.
    2. Moisture Integration: Enjoy the powerful moisture infusion that our therapy offers. With K Gloss, you may have frizz-free, intensely nourished hair that promotes a vibrant, healthy mane that is smooth to the touch.
    3. Natural Hair Definition: The definition of natural hair is to embrace the beauty and texture of your hair as it is. K Gloss Treatment is designed to highlight and emphasize the natural beauty of your hair, giving you an appearance that is genuine, beautiful, and totally you.
    4. Smooth and Polished Finish: Take your smoothness and shine to a new level. Your locks will have a flash of incredible brilliance and an undeniable attraction after receiving our treatment, which produces a glossy finish that reflects light.

    We encourage you to indulge in the K Gloss experience at Ivan, the Hair People—a journey to immaculate, glossy hair that attracts attention and gives you more self-confidence. With the magic of K Gloss Treatment, you can let your hair tell a tale of change and beauty. The time has come for your crowning splendour to shine!

    At Ivan the Hair People, we invite you to indulge in the K Gloss experience a journey to flawless, glossy hair that turns heads and boosts confidence. Let your hair tell a story of transformation and radiance with the magic of K Gloss Treatment. Your crowning glory awaits its moment to shine!

  • Hair Care Services

    Signature Hair Treatment

    Welcome to Ivan, the Hair People, where we present our crown jewel, the Signature Hair Treatment. Prepare to embark on a transformative journey, a true testament to the magic we can weave into your locks.

    Key Features:

    1. Restores Moisture: Our Signature Hair Treatment is a moisture elixir, breathing life back into dry, lacklustre strands, leaving them supple and deeply hydrated.
    2. Damage Reversal: Experience the wonder of damage reversal as our treatment works to mend and rejuvenate your hair, reversing the toll taken by various stressors.
    3. Vibrant, Long-Lasting Colour: For those with coloured hair, our treatment seals in vibrancy, ensuring your hair colour remains stunning and long-lasting, captivating every gaze.
    4. Weightless Formula: We understand the importance of a weightless, non-greasy formula. Our Signature Hair Treatment provides the care your hair needs without burdening it.
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