Hair Curl Style And Waves

Discover the allure of Hair Curl Style and Waves at Ivan. Our stylists excel in creating beautiful, lasting curls and waves tailor-made to your preference. Whether you wish for soft, beachy waves or described curls, we deliver your imagination and prescience to existence with talent and finesse. Elevate your appearance with this trendy, voluminous styling option.

  • Hair Care Services

    Cold Perm

    Looking to unveil a new you? Captivate your curls with Ivan Hair Salon, offering you the service of royalty. Say goodbye to heat-induced hair perming and welcome cold perm! The fresh look you get from a cold perm will surely make you shine among others! A soft wave, beachy waves, or a full-on arctic wave, we’ve got you covered!

    Key Features.

    Heat-free curling: Ever tried curling your hair without heat? If not, cheers to this revolutionary method of cold perm

    Get ready to embrace your hair without the damaging effects of heat! A suitable alternative for anyone craving the curlies while nurturing its essence of beauty with love and care.

    Customisable curl patterns: What about having your own unique curling style? Our talented and skillful stylists are always ready to offer you what you want. Customise from casual to luscious curls, and look at yourself in the mirror!               

    Long-lasting results: Cold perm offers you durable, vibrant curls. Let your locks of curls say your name out loud!

  • Hair Care Services

    Digital Perm

    Harnessing the magic of technology into the artistry of hair styling, we at Ivan Hair Salon, Singapore, will provide you with the ultimatum! Elevate your looks of glory with our Digital perm!


    Key Features.

    Advanced heating technology: With minimal heat damage to your hair, look incredibly stunning at low maintenance and ease.

    Customizable results: No matter whether you want tight curls or loose waves, let us customize the style you adore. We shall tailor your dream curls to make every day a celebration!

    Long-lasting effect: This gives you a charm and long-lasting waves or curls that stay intact. You can reflect on your true beauty for a period of time without any second thoughts.

  • Hair Care Services

    Magic Curls

    Elevate your hair with Magic Curls at Ivan Hair Salon. This innovative wave curl technique creates vibrant and elastic waves, offering rich volume and versatility with various curl patterns such as S, J, or C ends.

    Key Features:

    1. Versatile Curl Patterns: This hair service provides you with the flexibility to choose from different curl patterns, including S-shaped, J-shaped, or C-shaped ends, allowing for a customized and unique look.
    2. Rich Volume: Experience the vitality of rich volumes with this hair treatment, as the technique enhances your hair’s body and adds dimension to your overall style.
    3. Elastic Waves: Enjoy the beauty of elastic waves that flow effortlessly, adding movement and texture to your hair for a dynamic and glamorous appearance.
    4. Customized Styling: Our skilled stylists will work with you to create Magic Curls that suit your preferences and enhance your natural features, ensuring a personalized and stunning result.
  • Hair Care Services

    Men Perm

    Welcome to Ivan Hair Salon in Singapore, where we redefine style for men with our specialized hair perm services. Curly or wavy hair isn’t just a trend; it’s a timeless expression of individuality and confidence. With our expertise, we transform ordinary hair into a cascade of curls or waves that exude charm and character.

    Key Features:

    1. Curly or Wavy Hair: Our hair perm for men offers the versatility of curly or wavy hair, allowing you to embrace a look that perfectly matches your style and personality.
    2. Volume Boost: Beyond just curls, our hair perm boosts your hair, adding dynamism and depth to your overall appearance.
    3. Long-lasting Results: We understand the importance of long-lasting results. Our hair perm services ensure your curls or waves stay intact for an extended period, allowing you to enjoy your new look for weeks.
  • Hair Care Services

    Root Perm

    Welcome to Ivan Hair Salon, where we elevate your hairstyle with the magic of Root Perm. The root is where style begins, and our expert stylists use this technique to enhance your roots, giving you that extra volume and confidence.

    Key Features:

    1. Root Volume Enhancement: This hair treatment focuses on enhancing volume from the roots, lifting your hair, and giving it a voluminous, glamorous look.
    2. Customizable Results: We understand that one size doesn’t fit all. Our root perm service is customizable to suit your preferences, whether you prefer soft waves or defined curls, ensuring your style is uniquely yours.
    3. Long-lasting Effects: Enjoy the long-lasting effects of root volume. Our treatment provides enduring fullness, keeping your hairstyle voluminous for an extended period.
    4. Versatile Styling Options: Root perm opens up a world of versatile styling options. From casual to glamorous, you have a multitude of hairstyle choices to match any occasion.
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