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At Ivan Salon, our Hair Coloring Service provides a spectrum of striking shades, expertly utilised for vibrant, long-lasting colour. Whether you are looking for a delicate change or a daring new look, our expert stylists will craft the ideal hue to complement your style. Book now for a shade transformation!

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    AirTouches Balayage Hair Color

    Welcome to Ivan, the Hair People, where our amazing AirTouches Balayage Hair Colour redefines hair colouring. Your hair will seem flawlessly tailored and naturally sun-kissed, thanks to the unique air process used by our talented stylists.

    Key Features:

    1. Innovative Air Technique: AirTouches are the Balayage of the future. This innovative air process ensures a flawless blend and customised hair colour application for spectacular, salon-quality results.
    2. Customized Application: Every Balayage is a work of art. Our talented stylists meticulously customise the colour to complement your individual traits, resulting in a hair colour that complements your inherent attractiveness.
    3. Blends That Look Nature: Say welcome to sun-kissed highlights that meld naturally with your hair to give you a dazzling, natural-looking appearance that mirrors the splendour of sunshine.
    4. Minimal Hair Damage: We assign hair health a top priority. By minimising hair damage, while applying colour, the AirTouches Balayage process enables you to experience a spectacular makeover without endangering the wellbeing of your hair.

    To better understand the pure magic of AirTouches Balayage Hair Colour, view the before and after hair images. This transformation demonstrates our skill in modifying hair colour. At Ivan, the Hair People, we create something more than simply hair colour; we create a masterful work of art that defines you, brings out your innate beauty, and leaves you with a touch of effortless grace.

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    Baby Light Hair Color

    Ivan, the Hair People, is pleased to announce Baby Light Hair Colour, a masterpiece in the field of hair colouring. Baby Lights create a delicate yet transformational effect, resulting in a warm, sun-kissed glow. They are inspired by the natural newborn highlights.

    Key Features:

    1. Customized Hair Painting: To ensure a beautiful and natural augmentation, our talented stylists create a customised Baby Lights Hair Colour matched to your individual traits.
    2. Natural Root Colour: We imitate the natural colour gradients with Baby Lights, smoothly merging the colours from the root to the tip, simulating a young, sun-kissed appearance.
    3. Depth and Texture: Add depth and texture to your hair with Baby Lights for a multi-dimensional effect that makes it seem voluminous and radiant.
    4. Low Upkeep: Take pleasure in the beauty of low-upkeep colours. Baby Lights are ideal for those who lead busy lives since they mature gradually and require little maintenance.

    We at Ivan, the Hair People, support the creative alteration of hair. Our Baby Lights Hair Colour is more than simply a service—it’s a guarantee of a lovely, natural appearance that exudes youth and refinement. Watch the before and after hair photographs to see how Baby Lights’ subtle magic creates an absolutely stunning makeover. Accept the subtle shine of the sun and let your hair tell a story of artistic elegance.

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    Dimensional Balayage Hair Color

    Ivan, the Hair People is pleased to welcome you, and we look forward to introducing you to the enthralling craftsmanship of Dimensional Balayage Hair Colour. Dimensional Balayage, a custom hair colouring procedure, gives your locks depth and structure for a multi-dimensional, sun-kissed appearance.

    Key Features:

    1. Customized Hair Painting: Our talented stylists expertly hand-paint your hair, blending the colours to perfectly complement your unique characteristics and provide a dimensional, highly individualised look.
    2. Natural Root Colour: Dimensional Balayage begins with a natural root colour and gradually transitions to lighter shades as it moves to the ends, simulating the sun-kissed glow that is attained naturally.
    3. Depth and Texture: Dimensional Balayage creates a magnificent play of light and shadow. The method gives your hair a voluminous, dynamic appearance while adding depth and structure.
    4. Low Maintenance: Take the most of the Dimensional Balayage’s beautiful growth out, which requires minimal care and preserves its beauty for a long time.

    We at Ivan, the Hair People, firmly believe in the power of tailored transformation. Our Dimensional Balayage Hair Colour is more than simply a service. It’s a skilfully rendered guarantee of an impressive, dimensional appearance. View the before and after hair photographs exhibiting Dimensional Balayage’s subtle magic. Enable your hair to tell a tale of everlasting beauty by embracing the brilliance, richness, and simple grace this treatment delivers.

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    French Brown Hair Color

    Welcome to Ivan, the Hair People, where we present you French brown hair colour, the height of luxury. This deep, rich brown style embraces a sophisticated tone that goes well with any setting and oozes timelessness and depth.

    Key Features:

    1. Sophisticated Shade: French brown hair colour is more than just a colour, it makes a sophisticated statement. It gives your look more of an impression of refinement.
    2. Timeless Elegance: Give in to the appeal of French Brown Hair Colour, a hue that is always in trend and radiates elegance and charm.
    3. Versatile Appeal: This hair colour has the ability to shift from professional to informal settings with ease, according to your style and emphasising your magnetic brunette persona.
    4. Customizable Pre-Treatment: At Ivan, we acknowledge the value of customisation. Our pre-treatment choices are tailored to your individual hair requirements, giving you a professional appearance and a unique hair colouring experience.

    Visit Ivan, the Hair People, to enter a world of hair colour insight. Through our French Brown Hair Colour service, our seasoned professionals are committed to enhancing your natural beauty. French Brown Hair Colour is a classy option that always complements your style and gives you a polished and sophisticated appearance, whether you’re looking for a modest alteration or a dramatic one. Let the elegance you exude shine through in your hair.

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    Global Hair Color

    Welcome to Ivan, the Hair People, where our Global Hair Colour service delivers the world at your fingertips. Imagine having a colour for your hair that is universal and consistently represents your unique personality.

    Key Features:

    1. Personalized Colour Consultation: Our skilled colourists begin with a customised consultation in which they learn about your preferences and create a colour that is precisely suited to you.
    2. Customized Hair Colouring: Experience the craftsmanship of bespoke hair colouring, where each strand is painstakingly handled to create the perfect hue that best reflects your own style.
    3. Natural and Subtle Transformation: We are firm believers in enhancing your inherent beauty via natural and subtle transformation. The subtle makeover provided by our Global Hair Colour service properly accentuates your features and skin tone.
    4. Long-lasting and Vibrant Colour: Enjoy a glow of hair colour that lasts for a long time and is vibrant but doesn’t go away swiftly, giving you a perfect and glamorous appearance.

    We at Ivan, the Hair People, recognise that the colour of your hair may reveal a lot about your personality. You will have magnificent hair colour that will improve your confidence owing to the amazing results provided by our talented hair colourists. Photos of the before and after showcase the magic through their modest yet striking changes. Accept the eradication of grey hairs, the rejuvenation, and the confident radiance that comes with the right hair colour. Global Hair Colour will reveal the globe.

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