Baby Light Hair Color

Ivan, the Hair People, is pleased to announce Baby Light Hair Colour, a masterpiece in the field of hair colouring. Baby Lights create a delicate yet transformational effect, resulting in a warm, sun-kissed glow. They are inspired by the natural newborn highlights.

Key Features:

  1. Customized Hair Painting: To ensure a beautiful and natural augmentation, our talented stylists create a customised Baby Lights Hair Colour matched to your individual traits.
  2. Natural Root Colour: We imitate the natural colour gradients with Baby Lights, smoothly merging the colours from the root to the tip, simulating a young, sun-kissed appearance.
  3. Depth and Texture: Add depth and texture to your hair with Baby Lights for a multi-dimensional effect that makes it seem voluminous and radiant.
  4. Low Upkeep: Take pleasure in the beauty of low-upkeep colours. Baby Lights are ideal for those who lead busy lives since they mature gradually and require little maintenance.

We at Ivan, the Hair People, support the creative alteration of hair. Our Baby Lights Hair Colour is more than simply a service—it’s a guarantee of a lovely, natural appearance that exudes youth and refinement. Watch the before and after hair photographs to see how Baby Lights’ subtle magic creates an absolutely stunning makeover. Accept the subtle shine of the sun and let your hair tell a story of artistic elegance.

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Description on Dimensional Balayage Hair Color

At Ivan, the Hair People, we believe in the art of hair transformation. Our Baby Lights Hair Colour isn’t just a service; it’s a promise of a beautiful, natural look that radiates youthfulness and sophistication. Witness the before and after hair photos showcasing the gentle magic of Baby Lights—a truly breathtaking transformation. Embrace the soft, sunlit glow and let your hair tell a tale of artful elegance.

Baby Light Hair Color

Before and After

Witness the remarkable transformation achieved through our Baby Light Hair Color service in our collection of before and after photos. See how the delicate highlights, placed closer together, enhance the natural beauty of the hair, adding dimension, radiance, and a captivating effect.


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