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Welcome to Ivan Hair Salon in Singapore, where we redefine style for men with our specialized hair perm services. Curly or wavy hair isn’t just a trend; it’s a timeless expression of individuality and confidence. With our expertise, we transform ordinary hair into a cascade of curls or waves that exude charm and character.

Key Features:

  1. Curly or Wavy Hair: Our hair perm for men offers the versatility of curly or wavy hair, allowing you to embrace a look that perfectly matches your style and personality.
  2. Volume Boost: Beyond just curls, our hair perm boosts your hair, adding dynamism and depth to your overall appearance.
  3. Long-lasting Results: We understand the importance of long-lasting results. Our hair perm services ensure your curls or waves stay intact for an extended period, allowing you to enjoy your new look for weeks.
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Description on Men Perm

At Ivan, the Hair People, we believe that every man deserves to showcase his unique style. Our hair perm for men isn’t just a service; it’s a statement. It’s about giving you the confidence to flaunt those curls or waves, enhancing your allure and making heads turn. Step into Ivan Hair Salon and let us redefine your style with our expertly crafted hair perm for men. Embrace the charm of curly or wavy hair and let your locks tell a tale of individuality and flair.

men's hair perm service

Before and After

Witness the remarkable transformation brought about by our Men Perm service through a collection of before and after photos. See how this treatment adds waves or curls, providing a noticeable boost in volume and a stylish update to your hair.

We really care how you look with your hair 

“Enhance your style with natural-looking waves or curls, adding volume and texture for a trendy and confident look.”


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